During the mid 90's the shores of Taiwan were newly awash with various western rock sounds that fed into the native taike sentiment. Sticky Rice were the one taike band to adopt hip hop, disco and funk into their hokey local rock sounds making them a major success in the Taiwan scene. After signing to Magic Stone, a division of the quasi-major label Rock Records, they became a nationally known act alongside new comers Mayday. While their success didn't last far into the new millennium, they are still remembered for their uniquely hyper contributions to the indie scene.

After signing to Magic Stone, Sticky Rice left the pub rock circuit, including regular appearances at venues like Vibe and the Underworld, for large venue concerts. However, the band still managed to break out some power funk at major festivals in the early 2000's motivating more than a few concertgoers to move their feet at big fests like like Spring Scream and Ho-Hai-Yan.

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同名專輯 - Magic Stone Music - 2007

迷你專輯(貳) - Magic Stone Music - 2003

Super EP - Magic Stone Music - 2001

青春鳥王 - Magic Stone Music - 2000