The Tonic was formed by Nuno Chen the well known owner of Gamma Music and promoter of indie music in Taichung. They are one of the few bands to form in the 2000's to have a distinct taike sound with songs mostly sung in the Taiwanese language Hoklo with the idea of keeping local roots in an increasingly westernized indie scene.

Nuno Chen has been the longtime owner of Nuno's, a popular live house often featuring local punk bands of the day like B.B. Bomb and Semi-con as well as up-and-coming indie acts like Freckle. Nuno's live house also served as a base for The Tonic, and now, continuing under the name Emerge Live House, it serves as a home for a new generation of Taiwanese indie bands.




鯤島 - Gamaa Music - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

- Gamaa Music - 2005

持念 - Gamaa Music - 2004

VA Tribute - Diaffection to LTK - Gamaa Music - 2006
Available at Pacifiction Records!