Wu Bai is perhaps the first major commercial success in Taiwanese rock music after the lifting of martial law in 1987 inspiring the first generation of taike rockers to take their original songs to live house pubs. Singing in Hoklo or Mandarin with a thick Taiwanese accent endeared him to many islanders ready for a strong local rock icon. This attitude along with his dedication to the burgeoning live house circuit had a part in influencing many of the taike bands that would emerge in the mid to late 90's. In 1992, joined by Yu Ta-hao, Chu Chien-hui, and drummer Dean Zavolta, Wu Bai & China Blue appeared on the Dust of Angels soundtrack alongside folk singer Lim Giong who would also become influential in the Taiwan indie scene through his electronic work. Subsequently, Wu Bai & China Blue were signed to Pony Canyon Taiwan and released their first album Loving Others is a Happy Thing leading to a prolific career. Wu Bai's numerous studio and live albums have continually been released up to the present on local labels like Taiwan's Rock Records and his own Moonlight Records as well as more internationally known companies like Avex Trax.

Having been one of the early proponents of rock concerts large and small in Taiwan, Wu Bai became known as "The King of Live Music," and after winning over fans at home as well as across Asia, he has surely earned the title. Wu Bai & China Blue have performed in various countries including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the US and even survived a ban in China after playing at rallies for the antagonistic Taiwan president Chen Shui Bian. However, Wu Bai has remained not only influential, but also relevant to the indie scene through the years. In 2004, he had a part in organizing the UbU festival, a two day event held at the Huashan Culture Park with various indie companies setting up booths and a concert featuring a diverse bill of local bands that included B.B. Bomb, Chasing Sparrow, Varo and even some Hakka bands with Wu Bai & China Blue as the festival's main headliner. Wu Bai & China Blue still tour and sell out shows across Asia winning over a new generation of fans with each new musical endeavor.