Among the myriad DJ's and turntablists found in the bass thumping clubs of Taipei, DJ Noodles stands out not only as a top female talent, but also for her range in genre selection. While staying under the hip hop umbrella, she manages to fill in the urban vibe with electronica, funk and reggae surprises. And in fact, Noodles' first major label release "Girls Dem Sugar" is credited with sparking a Jamaican music craze that is still going strong on the island to this day even passing over into the live music scene with bands like Taimaica Soundsystem. The album also pioneered remixing and turntablism into Taiwan's mainstream music industry, marking just another of DJ Noodles accomplishments.

As a live performer, DJ Noodles is not to be matched on Taiwan having proved herself at the 2006 DMC World DJ Championships. She became the first female DJ from Taiwan to become a finalist at the annual DJ battle organized by the legendary remix service Disco Mix Club. Noodles has also appeared with big name acts like Black Eyed Peas on their Taiwan stop-over. Since her success at DMC, she has appeared overseas at clubs in locales as far reaching as Malaysia, Japan, Austria and Switzerland. Particularly known for her amazing body tricks, scratching blindfolded as well as unique techniques, it's highly recommended seeing DJ Noodles at LUXY, Plush, Room 18 or one of the other many Taipei clubs she got her start.