One of the most successful hip hop artists in Taiwan to emulate Western urban style is MC HotDog, yet he is also known for creating songs with local imagery and attitudes that reflect Taiwan street life. In this sense, the rapper represents the urban influence on taike, a Taiwanese subculture that is also associated with rockers like LTK and Wu Bai and is now embraced by the island's youth. Despite coming from underground beginnings, MC HotDog has released several widely successful major label albums over the past decade. His themes touch on Taiwanese identity, often with a comedic flavor as on the hit song "I Love Taiwan Girls," and his often explicit lyrics confront realities involving politics and daily life in Taiwan.

MC HotDog has been performing at clubs and festivals around Taiwan for over a decade. While he is known to be the center of attention at parties, the MC has also participates in benefits like a 2001 event to educate youth on AIDS. In 2004, HotDog teamed up with taike performer Chang Chen-yue who crossed over into hip hop on his comedic Useless Guy album. The duo toured North America and still occasional come together for concerts. MC HotDog is also known to open for major hip hop acts like Jay-Z on their visits to Taiwan. The iconic rapper is still active in the studio and can be seen performing in Taipei throughout the year.

"Female Tiger" - MV



Mr. Almost - Rock Records - 2008

Wake Up - Rock Records - 2006