Also known simply by his English name Joe, Chang Jui-Chuan draws on the civil rights movement, various religious teachings, his experience as a student in the USA and, without a doubt, his quest for identity as a Taiwanese native threatened by China's military advances on one side and America's cultural imperialism on the other. Backed by DJ Point, Joe channels revolutionary icons such as Malcolm X and Bob Marley to make to make confrontational raps about Taiwanese history, globalization and cultural equity. While falling into the intelligent hip hop category of KRS ONE and Deltron 3030, the music is made distinctly Taiwanese with the use of traditional instrumentation and local media samples made possible through Point's "crossover" turntablism. Joe is currently an English professor in Taiwan and much of his style emulates a teacher bestowing wisdom on the listener. Chang Jui-Chuan has been recording for over a decade, and while his most notable work is the Genesis album which was coupled with a volume two remix collection, the more recent Exodus is an omnibus spanning his career.

Chang Jui-Chuan has also been performing his socially conscious raps at concerts and demonstrations across Taiwan as a way of spreading his knowledge to the local population. Joe often performs side by side with Kou Chou Ching and other urban artists belonging to the Adia crew, however, he doesn't limit himself strictly to hip hop events, often appearing at rock fests like Formoz and the Taiwan Band Festival. And while most of Joe's works address the problem of Taiwanese identity, he is not afraid to confront current issues affecting all of Asia including the exile of the Dali Lama from Tibet and Aung Sang Suu Kyi's imprisonment in Burma. In 2008, Chang Jui-Chuan joined the Amnesty International-organized Small Places tour giving voice to his own feelings about human rights in Asia while championing human rights issues worldwide. However, Joe's politics remain embedded in the problem of Chinese authority as the recent "Zen Freedom" recording demonstrates. For any visitor to Taiwan looking for a dose of wisdom, seek out Chang Jui-Chuan.

"Hope is Here" - Live



Cute rap. What next?

Chang Jui-Chuan & Point ~ Genesis Vol. II Resurrection



CHANG JUI-CHUAN & POINT - Genesis - Adia's - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

CHANG JUI-CHUAN & POINT - Genesis Vol. II Resurrection - Adia's - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

Guest Appearance on KOU CHOU CHING - KOU!!! It's Coming Out! - Thirty-Seven Degrees Productions - 2008
Available at Pacifiction Records!