In the Mid-2000's, Taiwan saw an emergence in Jamaican influenced music, both in the club scene and in the live music circuit with ska, roots and dub bands gaining popularity in the underground scene. More and more Taiwanese punks began listening to and collecting Jamaican roots records. One example would be Taimaica's front personality Anarchy Allen who is notorious on Taiwan for his involvement in the hardcore scene and started spinning under the alias DJ @llenblow around 2005. Having previously played bass in notable punk bands Anarchy and Hindsight 20/20, Allen had enough stage experience to start and develop a band that would become a premier dub reggae attraction on the island. The name "Taimaica" is an appropriate portmanteau of Taiwan and Jamaica while Soundsystem refers to the the Jamaican phenomenon involving DJ crews and street parties. Taimaica Soundsystem has Allen leading on bass alongside live guitars, saxophone, horns, and a drummer matching beats with a team handling the electronics on turntables and laptop. Most recently, Ben Ben, formerly of indie pop band Freckle, joined on keyboards fleshing out Taimaica's dub tones even more.

As Taimaica Soundsystem expanded from three original members to a full band involving wind, electric guitar and electronic sounds, the group became more a more popular feature at local venues like The Wall as well as major festivals around the island including Peace Fest and Spring Scream. Concertgoers eagerly await the the entourage, nine members in all, to create a darkly intriguing island vibe that is a fresh sound to Taiwan. Taimaica Soundsystem regularly appears on a bill with roots reggae expat band High Tide and local ska band Skaraoke; these events often feature Jamaican and Caribbean music DJs as well. At the recent grass roots and ecology themed 2008 Urban Simple Life Festival, Taimaica Soundsystem had the audience swaying and skanking to their innovative Taiwanese brand of dub reggae. As of yet, the group is the most productive and successful bands to come out of the Jamaican music boom on Taiwan.

"Jah has the Power" - Live at the Underworld


Jamaican dub + Taiwanese style = Taimaica, jah