In 1996 a group of union organizers, workers and students formed a folk rock band in order to give voice to an increasingly marginalized Taiwanese working class. In grassroots fashion, Black Hand Nakasi continues to seek to reclaim art and music for the people with hard-hitting protest songs about labor issues and workers rights. The band took their name "Black Hand" from a derogatory expression for workers and Nakasi, a stylized rustic music native to Taiwan. Including up to nine pieces or more, the sound is embellished by a variety of isounds including acoustic and electric guitars, hand drums, accordion and native choruses and chants. Their early work mostly involved engaging the island's laborers with protest and song which their first album Lucky My Ass! accomplished. By 2003, the group was going global criticizing the World Trade Organization with their second full length release Taiwan Buffalo vs. WTO. In this manner, Black Hand Nakasi has joined the great tradition of using folk music as a means of protest and empowerment.

Black Hand Nakasi has made numerous appearances at demonstrations and labor rallies over the years and is known for organizing and joining various benefit concerts including a bid to save the illegal Treasure Hill settlement in Taipei. Despite the rustic appearance of the group, Black Hand Nakasi strongly appeals to the youth of Taiwan's indie scene. In 2004, they performed at Formoz and also joined several White Wabbit Records bands like Peppermint, Bad Daughter and Nipples for a couple events benefiting Alternative Music Generator, a drive for quality public broadcasting in Taiwan. No matter what cause they are backing, Black Hand Nakasi are a great live attraction that will educate the audience as much as entertain.




Giving voice to Taiwan's working class


Taiwan Buffalo vs. WTO - 2004

Lucky My Ass! - 1997