The most well known Hakka band from Taiwan is Labor Exchange, a group that takes influence from the daily life of Taiwan's Hakka farmers as well as their folk lore and their struggles. The Hakka are a migratory group from China that brought their traditions with them when they settled in Taiwan where they continue to live to this day as a minority. Labor Exchange makes use of the oboe-like suona along with acoustic guitars to blend their traditional melodies with modern folk rock sounds. Their songs, written in the Hakka dialect, are concerned largely with protest and preserving the environment. The Labor Exchange Band has released two acclaimed albums on the local Taiwan Colors Music label leading them to win a Golden Melody Award in 2002.

While the Labor Exchange Band seldom plays shows these days, they were once popular attractions at folk festivals performing at various events while touring around the Island. Despite the break-up, the group recently reunited for a few shows in China where they played to the Hakka community in Guangdong province and Beijing concert-goers. After Labor Exchanges second and final album, singer Lin Sheng-xiang followed a solo career while other members went on to form The Hohak Band, a popular folk fusion group.


Let Us Sing the Mountain Songs- 2002

The Night March of the Chrysanthemums